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November 25, 2012


Naked man spends 3 hours atop statue

(Thanks to Omniskeptic and The Perts)


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Here, they would have shot him so they could re-open the stores. Can't lose business during the most important shopping month!

My favorite headline, on one of the British sites, was "Naked man straddles Duke of Cambridge."

"You apply the appropriate amount of policing for the situation,"

And yet some people want to ban remote-controlled killer drones.

Probably rubbed off all the pigeon poop, though.

Statue Tory Rape?

Well I knew Jeff Meyerson was celebrating his birthday but I had no idea he was going to go this far!

I only wish I could climb that well, naked or not!

wait, what 'part' of the tatue id he break off and throw to the ground?

erg, *statue did* not *tatue id*. new fingers, have to break them in.

And most people think pole sitting was passe

Taze him and get him down he is causing a friggin traffic jam!

Taze him down, pass him around, 99 naked Brits on a pole.

Funny parts for me:
1. The "ChristianMingle.com' ad posted prominently to the right of the article when I was reading it.

2. That someone posted "more than 200 yards of road were closed" indicates that someone was too lazy to accurately convert meters to yards, which also might indicate that more than likely, it was somewhere around 200 millimeters of affected roadway.

3. "Public Safety was paramount." What, did he have a weapon secreted somewhere? Oh, wait, he did, hence the later article.

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