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November 14, 2012


ABC station botches Petraeus book cover

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Paula Broad Well Done*

*insert punctuation as needed

A general who fought in Iraq
Had his mistress come under attaq.
It could scarce have been cruder;
It referred to her kuder.
But it completely neglected her raq.

I was wondering why the whole story was getting so weird, then I noticed that some of the players are in Florida...

A woman - we'll call her..., well, 'Broad'
Her character, sadly, was flawed
Was it a sin
That she wanted 'All In'?
Now she's a general fraud.

A big win for the Internet (or FARK, at least).

As the New York Times once said, "Fake, But Accurate"

Boy, ABC really cocked up that one.

I rate that four stars.

I am having so much fun imagining the scene on the set when that showed up on the monitors. If, of course, it actually did.

It doesn't matter. Young people get all their news from John Stewart and the Onion anyway.

I fail to see what everyone is so excited about; looks perfectly normal to me.

The entire escapade is obviously just that much more evidence that the world exists entirely within a Mel Brooks movie.

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