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November 12, 2012


Korean Feces Wine is a Real Thing and We’ve Got Two Bottles of it, Contains Cat Bones as Well

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Now that is Bottle Shock!

" ... by no means popular ..."

I bet.

something something gangnam style.

i got nothing.

That little old winemaker, me.


I was just in a winery in Paw Paw Mich. Nothing like this though.

First the Smell of you know what and now this.

I think I'll stick to Mad Dog.

*crawls into gutter for a nice nap*

"Hiney Winery"? "The fine wine in a pop-top can!" "Even with your eyes closed, you can tell it's a Hiney".
(recalled from an advertising series from about...well, I'm a geezer).

Korean Culinary Tours now accepting advance reservations.

Sign me up! I have a bottle of medicinal snake wine from China, has the gutted poisonous snake right it! I used to offer tastes to guests but my husband won't let me anymore... :-(

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