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November 15, 2012


Man arrested for attacking pet rabbit with sword

(Thnks to Matt Filar)


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I can't decide whether to start the discussion with Monty Python "It's just a rabbit" or Elmer Fudd "Kill da wabbit!"

must've been having a bad hare day

so how did the rabbit get a sword?

But did they ask what the rabbit did to provoke the assault? Oh, no. Always blame the human.

Note to self- overnight guests must promise to leave the swords alone.

Reminiscent of "Night of the Lepus" starring Janet Leigh and Deforest Kelly. A movie so bad it featured actors in bunny costumes attacking humans

now, now, Omni - this is no time to be splitting hares

Hate to be serious, and I think I've strained something doing it, but if the homeowner knew his friend's history, what possessed him to invite the guy into the home with children?

Steve, that was my first thought. Ending the night with just a gimpy bunny was for this family getting off pretty darned lightly IMHO.

Hare today, goon tomorrow.

It must have been the killer rabbit of Caerbannog. The man was lucky to get out alive against the foul, cruel and bad tempered rabbit

That's not funny.

Run away!! Run away!!!

Attacking a pet rabbit with a sword? Isn't that de rigueur? If not, why not?

Not funny.

Send him to the face cannibal.

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