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November 20, 2012


Villagers voluntarily allow cows to trample on them to bring them good luck

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and DaninTustin)


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I guess this is no longer unherd of...

It's funny how different groups of people do things. I would do it if it brought me good luck but I doubt that it would

"This bizarre ritual is done in the hope the act brings prosperity to the area and everyone's prayers are answered."

Oh, great Lord Krishna, please bring prosperity and allow my bastard neighbor to be trampled.

*snork* at Omni

good luck? looks more like they're in a bad mooed

That pun was totally uncowed for ligirl.

... And we look to the East for wisdom.

It's a religious mooovement.

How long before it's a reality show?
Get the right people (Trump), you know, real idiots (Trump), someone whom people would really like to see a cow take a dump on (Trump) and it would be a rousing success.

If they wore the Gandhi outfit they could call it Pamperloma.

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