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November 15, 2012


Students failing to meet reading goals punished with face painting

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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I prefer tasers.

If they had choices back in the day, I would never have chosen the paddle.

And if they don't come up standards on MATH, we send Kreepy the Klown to make balloon animals for them!

...and they grow up to think it's cool,,,

And yet you can find a face painting department in almost any large department store in the country.
I'm sorry. I meant Makeup.


The blogettes are NOT PLEASED.

You run afoul of political correctness no matter where you go with this story.

My daughter is a second grade teacher. They have a wall with felt puppies on it. If you're bad they take away one of the puppies paws. One of her more diabolical students has lost a total of 17 paws since school started. btw, his name is Padraig. Coincidence Mr. Cheesehead?

I'm sorry, Mikey. I was actually referencing the various Mrs. T.V. Evangelists we've seen around. The ones with emotional problems. The ones who's hair has achieved orbit and seems to be sending back signals.

Nice try, Steve, but I think you're still in trouble.

Nov. 2, Killeen (Texas) Daily Herald:

A Killeen Independent School District teacher was placed on administrative leave after he was accused of putting duct tape over the mouth of a student.
Ernesto Ortiz, a Killeen resident and parent, said Palo Alto Middle School teacher Clarence Williams placed three pieces of duct tape over the mouth of his 11-year-old son Oct. 23.
Ortiz also said the tape was left on his son’s mouth for nearly the entire class period, which was anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.

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