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November 06, 2012


Stiffed Pizza Delivery Man, Not Tipped, Pees On Customer's Door

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Janice Gelb)


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"If you're going to be really upset about things like that then maybe you shouldn't be a pizza delivery driver at all," Teply said.
You also shouldn't order a pizza or a meal in a restaurant if you can't afford to leave a tip. However, that doesn't excuse what he did. At least he didn't pee on the actual pizza.

P'haps he wuz so enthusiatic about his (former) job, that his most recent "review" (prior to this incident) indicated he wuz "full of p!$$ and vinegar" ...

But he fergot to bring the vinegar ...

But being stiffed doesn't justify his act.

Actually, it's very difficult to pee like that.

Y'all're correct, Layz' ... tho I won't bother to discuss the cause of that "problem" ... guys know it, gals (except nurse/medical types) prolly don't ... so ... we'll leave that part to the imagination ...

There but for the grace of God...

I can see this guy in a TV commercial for those BPH drugs.

I can explain the medical reason behind Layzeeboy's comment if anyone wants to hear it. No? Maybe next time. (think kinked garden hose)

Sumhow, n'cin' ... I simply GNU y'all'd be the one ... that's why I included that disclaimer about the "cause" and "who knows whut evil lurks in the minds of men ... or women" ...

And, I do NOT wanna think about ANYTHIN' "kinked" ... kinky, mebbe on a good day ... kinked, never!

cindy, perhaps she could have said, "I'm sorry but I'm short of money tonight. I'll tip you next time." ?

Naah, she can afford a pizza she can spring for a couple of bucks for the tip.

Some people. The same guy generally delivers when I order pizza. I try to tip generously to keep the saliva (and now I have other bodily fluids to worry about) topping to a minimum. Don't make the person who brings the food mad. I'm sure they remember.

*knock* *knock*

"Who is there?"

"Pizza Dude!"

Sound: Door Opening.

"Hey, somebody order a sausage?

John Wayne Bobbit: "I did!"

stiffed man..., not tipped pees on door?

sounds kinky, yes, but what does his lack of circumcision have to do with it??

('less it was a typo: 'stuffed pizza....not topped'...)

((or maybe it's stiffed stuffed pizza???
oh -



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