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November 18, 2012


Steve Newman Skydives Naked To Save Rhinos

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Newman admitted he wasn't "all there" when he did it.

"At [10 degrees Fahrenheit], I don't think your winky is the biggest in the whole world," he told the syndicated TV show 'Right This Minute.' "The last thing, at 10-12,000 feet, that you're thinking about is your penis."


I have a feeling there are a few guys out there that would disagree with that statement Jeff. Why do people think they have to get naked in order to prove a point? I wonder what the rhinos think about this?

Even the rhinos are thinking WTF?!?

If he landed on the rhinos they are thinking, "stomp this mofo into paste."

Or maybe not. I don't think rhinos are known for their "thinking" ability.

The moment when the parachute opens is painful to think about.

If Barbara Boxer decides to do this to save the polar bears, I don't want to know about it.

"I believe you're the silliest person we've ever interviewed on this program ..."

Why was he wearing a rhino horn? Oh.

I'd let him land on me. Just sayin'.

Guys are always thinking about their winkies. Well, if they aren't they will be within a few seconds.

Let's hope it doesn't catch on with more popular causes. We'd be buried in heaps of plummeting humanitarians.

"OMG! It's the Shriners!"

Heh! Remember "The Flying Elvises" from Honeymoon in Vegas?...

...and anybody want to speculate on what Jerry Seinfeld would say about this story?

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