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November 19, 2012


MEN: According to this website, if you want women to want to have sex with you, you need to wear nail polish.

(Thanks to Matt Filar and Chuck Cody)


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Only if the "woman" is a guy in drag.

I agree Mikey. Guys, nothing turns a woman on more than intelligence and a good sense of humor. Trust me.

And cash. :)

Reason number 3 got my attention. A few slides later I learn that "Peacocking" is the pickup artist's secret weapon. If only I'd known that secret back in my younger, more solitary days. I suspect though that I might have wound up picking for the other team?

NTTAWWT of course.

Ok, you have to wear nail polish. But where?

This story was left over from April 1, right?

Would black walnut stains on your hands count as a type of polish ? .....hmmm how do you spell Polish .... as in I ate a Polish sausage before putting on polish.????

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