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November 26, 2012


I'll be hitting the road in 2012 whatever the next year is.



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Time to hit the 2012 Wayback Machine!

Portsmouth in February. See you there. Better bring your galoshes.

Not on the list:

An Evening with Dave Barry at the Poynter Institute in St. Pete, Thursday, January 17, 7:00 p.m.

Blurb from the Poynter's website:

"Why I’m Still Waiting In Line to Vote"

Syndicated humor columnist Dave Barry has written for more than 500 newspapers around the world and authored 30 books. In 1988, he won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary - the only humorist to have won journalism’s top award.

Ubetcha I'll be there!

OMG! Be still, my heart (and other organs)!

A Chicago appearance that's actually, truly, geographically, Rand-McNally-ly IN Chicago!

See you at the Union League Club*!

*a venue which is so progressive that they bravely started permitting females to enter by the FRONT door within my lifetime

P.S. Upon closer examination of various links, I'm even more intrigued! Other appearances specify 'talk, Q&A and signing', whereas the U.L.C. mysteriously commits only to an "event".

*ponders possible pop-tart launch*

Feb 1. Maybe this year. Is this new book a travelogue or a mass psychosis tome?

You're going to be in Annapolis, Maryland and Ft Lauderdale, Florida on the same day? You need to have words with your manager.

and not a moment too soon.

I hope to make it to Anderson's in Naperville!

What, no Detroit event? I can loan you some body armor.

Omni --
Anderson's in Naperville is pretty close to Detroit.
Take I-94, Continue onto I-294 N/​I-80 W. Take a slight right onto I-80 W (follow the signs for Iowa.
Take exit 140 to merge onto I-355 N toward W Suburbs. Take the exit toward Aurora Merge onto I-88 W Toll road. Take the exit toward Naperville Road.

Ask for "Vinny" -- he'll get you south to Ogden, Left on Washington, Right on Jefferson. The Apple Store is across the street from Anderson's -- parking is a pain in the backside.

Since teh Union League Club in Chicago requires men to wear a jacket and tie, I have a couple on the back of my office door. At least one of the jackets is sincere, but most of the ties are kind of vintage.

At Fourth and Drucker he turns left. At Drucker and Fourth he turns right. He crosses MacArthur Park and walks into a great sandstone building. "Ouch!"
As I whipped onto Mulholland Drive, the lights were just twinkling on across the San Fernandino Valley. Then a hard right down Big Tajunga Canyon. My tires squealed as I hit Sepulveda. A right. A Left. A Left. Another right. A left to the body. A right and into a gas station. Hey, Pops!

All right, all right, hold your horses. I'm comin'.

Where am I?

You can't get there from here.

Also, while I'm using up perfectly good electrons:

There's an old story about a Canadian coming into the US at Detroit. The customs agent says, "Do you have any firearms?"

"Oh, no, sir. No, I don't"

"Well, here, you can borrow one of mine."

1/30 - 'if i can make it there, i'll make it....'

Omni: Excellent Firesign Theater.

I should have credited them ... apologies to Bergman, Proctor, et al.

"Insane City"? Is it about Miami?

If it's about Miami, why'd you bother to write it as fiction?

I may have to go to Atlanta while Dave is there. But first I need to lose 5 lbs.

Dave in Austin -- Dad-O-Lot (likely with some subset of children) will be there.

hope book tv covers one of these... yippee. maybe i can try to go to nyc,...................

OK Anderson Bookstoreites -- Is this the year for dressing as Elvis, or should we go with the Bride/Groom theme to keep our outfits in line with the book's theme?

Punkin and I will be in New Hampshire, awaiting you with a truckload of Cheez-Its.

Dave comes to NYC, I go to Florida.

Coincidence? You make the call.

I'll be reading the book, anyway...

Dang it. I move from Austin to Baton Rouge, then Dave finally makes an appearance in Austin.

"Why, Nancy, who's that ugly dwarf with his hand in your mouth?"

Poker, who are you? Both Punkin and I will be at the Portsmouth event. Would be pleased to meetcha.

Yes, Dave I will buy the new book I have a whole book case full of your books but I fail to see Michigan on your book tour. I heard that you will be skyping sometime between 12-3pm that just happens to be when I will be volunteering during the radiothon.

The Carter Presidential Library? Does this mean a 2016 campaign announcement may be forthcoming, or fifthcoming, even?

The Carter Library is on Freedom Parkway. Considering the famous Atlanta traffic, I expect to see mention of this in an upcoming DB column.

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