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November 25, 2012


Here's a nice story from yesterday's Miami Herald about Andy Wenzel, a.k.a. Andy the Tropic Hunt Guy, who is the Hunt's biggest supporter, not to mention insane, but in a good way. Remember: The 2012 Herald Hunt is Saturday, Dec. 1, starting at noon in Coconut Grove. You should come! You might win! SOMEBODY has to win. Although sometimes we seriously wonder if anybody will. This is why we traditionally drink beer afterward.

UPDATE: Judi will of course be fired as well as severely reprimanded and placed in Time Out for failing to anticipate that this morning I would fail to notice that she posted a link to the Andy story  yesterday.


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Hope everyone has a wonderful time!♥

Dave, go easy on Judi; she was trying to anticipate your posting today before you'd thought about it yesterday.

Alternatively, you could point that that almost everybody has to lose. Some of us work harder at losing than others, too.

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