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November 07, 2012


 Miami is still counting votes.


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Should I send my friend Chad to help count votes?

"The office of Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez on Wednesday morning issued a news release insisting that the “unprecedented length of the ballot” ..."

Reporter: How long is it?
Mayor Gimenez: That's rather a personal question, sir.

when i got up to 'plagued by embarrassing delays and long lines',
& there was no mention of porta potties, i realized this was NOT written by dave barry...

We need to start letting Floridians vote in October.

I wonder if that makes much of a difference or not however they did have an article out yesterday where some places were having troubles with the voting machine as it was calculating wrong results than what was marked on the ballot.

Before anyone gets excited, this recount is for the 2000 election. They'll get to the year 2012 election around 2024.

I just don't get it. We have 8 million people in New York and it doesn't take anywhere near this long to vote. Are they inscribing the votes by hand on vellum?

We need to find this "Chad" guy, and HANG HIM!

The Florida Secretary of State requires a legal brief for every vote counted. It causes delays now, but it saves time during the appeals process.

Are we talking about the 2008 election or the 2004 one?

Well, for those of you who did not experience it, the ballot was 8 (yes 8) 8 1/2 x 14 pages long. Our glorious legislature decided that they didn't have to be limited on the amount of words in a proposed amendment like we riff-raff have to but wrote their amendments in long (very long) legalese - in other words unintelligible. Then each of those had to be translated into Spanish and Creole (they skipped Portuguese?) as well. Don't get me started on that one. It took longer deciphering the frickin ballot than standing line.

Now get off my lawn.

Don't however get off the lawn until after you finish mowing it!

I'm so glad we just had short, incomprehensible bond issues on our ballots.

I understand when they went to local universities for help, the typist spelled "math" with an e....

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