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November 26, 2012


Does your job attract psychopaths?

(Thanks to W. von Papineau)


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It might be a bad sign that shortly after posting the story the server was overloaded.

I think I'm going to walk out very slowly, maintaining a smile on my face.

I can't believe lawyer is only #2.

Try harder, guys!

Agreed Jeff. I'd put Lawyer 1st followed by journalists and clergy. But then I'm a CEO. Why should I care what the fools think?

The psychopath is right next to the bike path.

I haven't been in workplaces that attracted psychopaths. I have, however, worked places that generated them.

Dave I resemble that remark!

Allen at Division: Here in Oregon, a psychopath is indistinguishable from a bike path.

Concerning the list: Apparently, the author has never worked with female nurses.

The psychopath test link is currently not working. I was really looking forward to finding out ... well, not if I'm a wacko; we know that already ... but how close to serial-killerdom I actually am.

I had to snork at "Chef". The others, I can kinda understand. But "Chef"? Maybe it's the desire to work with knives?

Every job I've ever had attracted 'em.

Wait. Does that mean ... never mind.

I clicked deeper and took the quiz. My score was low, but I didn't continue to figure out what that meant.

As the Winter caretaker of an isolated mountain lodge, I'd have to say, what do you think ?

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