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November 22, 2012


Remember: Moderation.


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have a wonderful thanksgiving, sir ;) and the same to all the bloglits ;)

Moderation is for wimps. Real Americans know life is too short to worry about stuff like that.

Happy Thanksgiving, Barrys and all bloglits.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

I'm thankful for the possibly non-lethal insanity that permeates this bologna, I mean blot, I mean blog. (Those were actual auto-corrections.)

Too late for moderation.

Dum vivimus vivamus.

Can you take moderation in moderation?

I am thankful for the Blog and its denizens, who make me laugh at least once a day, and judi for keeping the inmates bloglits from running completely amok.

I am also thankful for not having to cook today.

Happy Thanksgiving Dave. I am thankful that you write humorous books and keep this blog and keep me laughing and amused.

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