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November 20, 2012


Man drove 40 miles with son, 17, in tool box because he didn't have enough room in his truck

(Thanks to DaninTusin)


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Go figure-- the guy's a real farmer, but doesn't have an extended cab like all the wanna-be good ol' boys clogging the roads in my area with their fancy pickups.

johnson got screwed

Man I hope there is a statues of limitations on 9 of us cramming into my friends Maverick to go and see the Ramones in 1979!

Hey... I resemble that comment with my quad cab.

At 6' 3" the toolbox might be the place that has the most legroom.

In the case of a 17-year old boy locked in a tool box, my advice as an experienced parent is not to let him out until he turns 20. Or gets a college scholarship.

Do me a favor and step out of the truck, Governor Romney.

Now, how many of us old enough to remember drive-in movies haven't ridden in the trunk once or twice?
Possibly even sober.


When my brother and I were kids, I don't think we ever went to a drive-in movie with our parents and not been in the trunk on the way in.

Exactly, Omni.

Johnson then drove nearly 40 miles back to his home in Bradford, New Hampshire, which is about 40 miles away.

Attention: editor needed, stat!

Dang! (Takes kid out of toolbox.)

He might have gotten away with it if the kid hadn't posted a picture on Facebook

This is not really funny. A kid today, especially a female kid can get a man in jail, with no proof, quicker than anything.

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