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November 22, 2012


Pals leap into world's biggest leaf pile

"Every leaf in Utah."

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I would so do this.

Ditto, cindy. I am so jealous of those guys.

Back when I was a lad (roughly the middle of the seventeenth century), we used to get actual snow in southern Michigan. Used to jump off our roof into drifts at least the size of that leaf pile. Now, you'd break both legs, if you were lucky.

They couldn't leaf well enough alone?

Now playing: If You Leaf Me Now, by Chicago

Now reading: Leaves of Grass, by Whitman

I would imagine taking the first jump required a leaf of faith?

I'm in.

Someone please dig me out.

Wonder how many garden slugs could hide in all that?
Just askin'.
I'd still do it but with my mouth closed.

Our pile of leaves makes this one look like a molehill, so next Autumn all are welcome to hang out at our place and play 'til you're pooped. Bring your own rake/blower.

We know how to have fun, here in Logan. Luckily, they're not being chased by a crazed goat, like the paperboy just up the road in Smithfield.

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