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November 22, 2012


Woman punches boyfriend in the face after he says he'd rather watch football than have sex with her

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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He's lucky she punched him before he got to the second part: "I'd probably rather have sex with the football, too. Its skin is less leathery."

State...of intoxication?

And to top it off he was a Jets fan!

(To the non-NFL-addicted, that's an inside joke, as the Jets were blown out today by New England, 49-19, including three touchdowns in two minutes)

*heh heh*

PirateBoy said "blown"

PirateBoy, don't exaggerate. It was three touchdowns in less than one minute.

Probably...a...good...reason. Ya think?

C'mon, ladies, men's rights!
Do we come in and start making rude comments when you're watching The View?
I do. But that's because my wife is still hobbling from the hip thing and can't catch me.

I'm not a guy but I can kind of see his point.

after that jets game i threw MY face in the punch


Let's just say had it been most of the guys on this blog (you know who the exceptions are) we'd have put it a tad more diplomatically.

What if he'd been watching golf? She'd have shot him.

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