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November 25, 2012


Fake dentist kissed buttocks

(Thanks to Omniskeptic, Joe in Japan and Jeff Meyerson)


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My favorite part, in the version I sent in, was that the woman went to some guy's apartment for dental treatment.

I wonder if she was also one of those women who fell for this guy's offer.

My favorite part of the article, as previously sent in by (ahem) me, was where he gave his patients fake injections in their buttocks as treatment for a toothache then kissed the injection site. For a root canal treatment I could understand this extra service but not for a simple cavity.

so, Marc, you think he did a cavity search?

If the magazines in the waiting room aren't more than a year old, run.

Ah, just another ass-kisser.

Well, did it cure the toothache?

Government dentist?

This is why there are laws against the practice of unlicensed dentistry, licensed dentists know which set of cheeks to deal with. I'm just kidding, licensed dentists know only to fondle patients after using the nitrous on them so they are unconscious.

Let's not even think about the flossing.

That would depend entirely on the cavity in question!

The only difference between assault and medicine is a license


Yes, the doctor did a cavity search and then he worked diligently to fill the cavity. Baddabing!

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