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November 07, 2012


Drunken man tried to shoot horse that bucked him

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Years ago I knew a guy who got busted for DUI while riding a horse.

oh, bucked. i read it wrong. never mind.

Come on, which of us hasn't done this at some point?

Anyone? Bueller? nursecindy?

I use to ride a lot and I've been thrown several times. I've never wanted to shoot the horse but I have told several of them how disappointed I was in them. Btw, the old "I'm so disappointed in you" speech doesn't work on horses.

I was thinking this guy is an idiot.
But then I remembered the Dodge we had once...
Personal note: my wife had her hip replacement and spent one (ONE) night in the hospital.
She's home and doing much better than I expected.

Best wishes to your wife Steve. I hope she continues to do well. Back in the late 1800's when I first became a nurse, hip surgery patients would stay in the hospital for weeks afterward. Same with cataract patients. Things have really changed.

The length of stay (LOS) for hip patients had to be reduced in order to permiit care givers to focus on the unhip ones.

Glad things went well.

Here's hoping for a fast recovery, Steve.

queensbee, I made the same mistake.

I thought it was an update on the guy in Florida who doodled the donkey. No wait, the donkey was named Doodle. The guy said he was only "intimate" with her. Ready comprehension was never my strong suit.

Guess you better spell that headline correctly!

I'd shoot a buck who tried to horse me.

Man: "Go buck yourself!"

Horse: "Get off my back!"

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