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November 20, 2012


Officials say they are dealing with the puzzling appearance of a utility pole — smack in the middle of a provincial highway east of Montreal.


(Thanks to Afkat)


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a fork is much more fun :)

"hydro pole"?... What, a water-skier from Gdansk?

It'z a craque epidemique

Reminds me of the road to Northport (Wisc.).

Heh. Our traffic story: The inaugural morning rush hour for the 495 Express Lanes began with a four-car collision

oneblankspace - Last time I was on Hwy 42 there was not a utility pole in the middle of the road!

Will someone post updates?

Saw Bureaucratic Bungling open for the Beach Boys.

What? Well, see, they both start with B's, and, um, it sort of sounds funny, I guess. Oh, forget it.

Power pole in the middle of the roa...
Nope. Not going to work.
You know, if I were driving a 20 year-old beater with minimal insurance I might be tempted to...shoot. I gave my clever plan away.

Well, it was a pole or a moose, so...

Typical for the Province of Quebec, apparently.

To err is human, but to really screw things up requires a computer, so they say. However, the creation of a giant blockheaded clusterf*** is the realm of government bureaucracy.

*giggles @ omni to make him feel better*

after all, 'tis the season for giving!

Well there are only so many ways to keep the road as dangerous while getting rid of the dangerous curve. The workers weren't told to make the road safer, just to get rid of the curve.

Well, if you will eat poutine.

It's amazing how the applied the asphalt and lines so evenly and obliviously, right around the pole. Not sure if the road workers should be commended or fired.

L'etat est moi ! Ou la pole est vous !

At first glance I thought this might be a prank of epic proportions, but nah, just a typical day's work for guvmint. Nothing to see here...

So THERE it is! I have been looking for that for a month!

They couldn't even put it in the yellow line?

There's something ironic about blaming the failure to move a telephone pole on a communication problem.

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