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November 02, 2012


Skeleton of hero World War II carrier pigeon found in chimney with a secret message still attached to its leg

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Black Adder IV, Episode 2: Corporal Punishment

George: Ah, now, this'll be it! (goes outside) Yes, it's one of the King's carrier pigeons.

(all go outside)

Baldrick: No, it isn't, that pigeon couldn't carry the King! Hasn't got a tray or anything.

Edmund: Hands, revolver please.

George: Oh now, sir, you really shouldn't do this you know!

Edmund: Come on George, with 50,000 men getting killed a week who's going to miss a pigeon? (shoots the pigeon dead)

George: Well, not you, obviously, sir.

Edmund: In any case, its's scarcely a court martial offence. Get plucking, Baldrick.

Baldrick: Alright, sir. Look, it's got a little ring 'round it's leg, there's a novelity!

George: Oh really, is there a paper hat as well?

Baldrick: No, but there's a joke. Read it out, sir.

George: It's a bit charred. Something something at once..PS, due to communication crisis, the shooting of carrier pigeons is now a court-martial offence. I don't see what's so funny about that, sir.

Edmund: That's not funny, it's deadly serious, we're in trouble. So, I shall eat the evidence for lunch and if anyone asks you any questions at all,
we didn't receive any messages and we definitely did not shoot this plump breasted pigeon.

secret code??!

oooooooo, i <3 SuDoCoo

Should have tweeted the message

When decoded, the message read, "Help! I'm trapped in a chimney!"

Don't translate it... It's the world's funniest joke !

Skeleton of Hero WWII Carrier Pigeon is a rather long NFARB, but it has a certain ring to it, don't you think?

snork @ Clankazoid
( The Monty Python skit referenced.).

Zey shood haf used zee long distance duuck.

Declassified code:

Warning to all chickens. Do NOT trust the old American Colonel in the white suit and bow tie.

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