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November 14, 2012


A man was tasered by police after he picked up his garden hose and attempted to stop a fire spreading that was threatening to engulf his home.

Related Item: We are also very tough on potential underage drinking.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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As God is my witness I will (hic) never drink in Hooters again!

My Father-in-law passed away before we could test their ID policy for his 86th birthday. We were going to invite the guys from his adult Sunday School class.

Where did I leave that handbasket?

I am waaaaay over 21 and I got "carded" in my grocery store when I bought some wine to use for cooking coq en vin.

Made my day! I could have kissed the cashier!

"the police should have considered other options including turning the water off."
What a concept!

I've never been tazed. But from what I hear, if it happened, I'd be pi$$ed.
Maybe pooped, too.

Paramedics rushed Jensen to the hospital after he was incident

Editor - Please report to the newsroom STAT!!

Union thugs protecting their turf

Some time back we were camping with friends and stopped into a grocery for a couple of six-packs. My friend (who does, I admit, look a lot younger than I do) put his six down on the counter and promptly got carded. Then I put mine down, handed over my Michigan Driver's License (left my Florida one at home), and waited while the clerk scrutinized it.

Clerk: "Oh, my God!"

(Somehow, the act of typing this seems familiar. Did I already tell this story? Creeping geezerism.)

So Mikey, when's dinner?

" Police ! Drop the garden hose ! " How many times did I hear McGarrett and Kojak say that ?

He was released from Hooters after failing to produce a valid Florida license. (Anybody else save the photo of the FL license for future blog postage?)

This is ludicrous. I am in my twenties, and I cannot remember the last time I was carded at a bar. The grocery store, yes, because they have to scan the bar-code on the ID in CA but never a bar. And if I didn't have an ID in the grocery store, I think they'd still probably override it.

In all fairness, I did receive my first AARP card before my 21st birthday.

I was going to comment on the phenomenal stupidity of the police, but then I considered that doing so might needlessly offend stupid people.


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