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November 26, 2012


You haven't lived here until ... you eat muskrat

"A lot like squirrel..."

(Thanks to Omniskeptic)


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What wine goes with muskrat?

The letters got mixed up in typesetting there. It's not "You haven't lived here until you eat muskrat", but "You haven't lived here until you steam kraut". They're big on Reuben sandwiches in Detroit.

They make good roadkill jerky, too.

Eesh, now I have that awful America song stuck in my head. Heads slowly toward geezer bus.

Tastes like squirrel?
Why didn't you say so? I eat those little guys like popcorn.

Anybody remember Muskie Muskrat?

"Help me, I'm a-sinkin' in the creek mud!"


Funny the things you remember from 50 years ago, yet every day I lose my car in the garage at work.

I recall reading about this in the Detroit Free Press when I was a teenager, back during the Neolithic sometime. They said it was specific to Hamtramck, at the time. Always been curious, but I never tried it. Wouldn't mind a bite or two.

Complement it with an appetizer of skunk soup.

The article makes reference to Downriver. For those not familiar with SE Michigan, that's a charming community, famous for its stately homes, gracious hospitality, fine restaurants, and muskrat farms.


Muskrat love?

It's been a while since I have enjoyed squirrel. Would have preferred a more communal point of reference like a shrew.

Mmmm ... Tamed shrew. A dramatic dish.

I for one am just glad that it didn't happen in Florida, we already have a bad name when it comes to wierd stuff and voting

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