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November 15, 2012


Goat trees Utah paperboy for an hour

(Thanks to Ralph, Omniskeptic and The Perts)


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I hope the distributor was willing to accept "a goat treeed me" as a reason for late deliveries.

Utah. Where Men are Men and goats are paranoid.

"Just another day in the life of the Gessels," his mother said

...as she packed for the family's upcoming move to Flathead County.

Goats can herd humans, as i learned years ago when confronted by a neighbor's nanny goat on my way to the mailbox. She wanted me to give her something to eat! or she wouldn't let me pass. So i saved junk mail or a sheet of newspaper to take with me to check the mail. That goat was an extortionist.

A friend's corgi would herd people at cocktail parties. Constant, subtle nose-bumps on the ankles, and eventually everyone would end up in one corner. Or so she said.

We live with a border collie. Ask me about herding.

It makes more sense when you see the picture of Voldemort the Goat. Crazy eyes!

Strange things afoot here in Utah. We're pretty sure this is related to the Bigfoot sighting down in Provo Canyon.
Here's a link to Voldemort's photo:

They have goat trees in Utah, huh ? We used to call 'em coat trees.

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