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November 10, 2012


Meet Penn State’s Squirrel Whisperer


(Thanks to Ralph)


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" Mary has not declared her major yet.."

She's obviously destined for a career as a Community Organizer.

This is NOT going to restore Penn State's tarnished reputation. (Do NOT insert Jerry Sandusky joke here. Ever.)

My son goes to Penn State. I will warn him about this woman.

Careful, Guin, some guys are on the lookout for squirrelly coeds.

"Mary has always been an animal lover and actually has a parakeet of her own, Smudge."

I've been called worse, but that's downright disrespectful.

Meanwhile, at Harvard....

Let's not jump to conclusions. Maybe she's subtly mocking them with the little hats. That was an aspect of Reagan's foreign policy, after all: "... tear down this wall, or wear a silly hat, Ruskie!"

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