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November 15, 2012


In Tacoma, a hunt to celebrate National Pickle Day

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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It's almost firearms pickle season up here! I'm a-headed out to the range to sight in my Brazilian-Made Reproduction George Armstrong Custer-signature 45-70 Trapdoor Springfield pickle carbine with rail-mounted mustard dispenser. Yee-haw!

Man, speaking to jar: "Just wait until November and we'll both get pickled."

Is it pickle season already?

I thought I saw a couple of pickles by the side of the road the other day. Had been hit by cars since it is pickle rutting season. It must be a barrel of fun!

Are the pickles hidden?

in related news

someone's gotten themselves in a real pickle

this should be a national holiday.

A pickle hunt? Are we playing Hide the Pickle again?

Omni, I see you've been to Tacoma. Just think of it as the anti-Seattle.

You're gerkin my chain. It seems to be the bread & butter of the local economy, but I would support a dill to stop pickle hunting.

Wolfsong: I have in fact been to Tacoma, but that bit of snarkery was all-Michigan. We're about to cry havoc and unleash the dogs of deer drinking hunting here in the only true mitten-shaped state.

It's mildly annoying to those of us who just punch holes in paper year-round, since for the month prior to season, the ranges are slammed with camo-clad folks sighting in their gear.

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