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November 26, 2012


Dad needs this.

(Thanks to Karen "Tinkerbell" Durkin)


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something else to do with the cat...

I can hear the tanks slowly coming up the village streets in an episode of Combat.

Bring it on the airplane. Make sure to turn it off during takeoff, though.

The disclaimer says, "NOT A TOY." Heh. Right. I use mine for gardening.

"You'll put your eye out"

Little brothers everywhere are armoring up.

Modify the cannon for paintballs...

Does anyone else remember that episode of Combat where they were pinned down by the Germans and shot at each other for fifty minutes without actually hitting anyone?
Then, the Combat crew wiped out the entire German army in the last ten minutes?
I figured that was one of the writers' weeks off.

I like that this company admits that the product comes pre-packaged with short-circuit smoke.

My cats' lives will become more challenging

Do they have a Barbie version in pink?

Dad deserves better than 1/16 scale.

Omni -- I think my homeowner association would object

What is a "6mm ball bullet bag", other than something fun to say?

I was all set to get one of these, until the disclaimer said "Do not brandish or display this product in public." Heck, if I can't take out my neighbor's plate glass window with a single, well-placed round, then what's the use?

Oh, sorry, back to the "I'm not a psychopath" story.

And tanks for the memories....

NMUA, let 'em object all they want. It's a free country -- as long as you say it is. Bwahaha.

Omni, apparently the upside to owning and driving a grown-up tank thro' London is you don't have to pay the congestion charge.

Let's see some naked guy get that offensive weapon up on a statue.

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