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November 07, 2012


Justin Bieber Gay Sex Doll 'Just-In Beaver' Leaves Teenage Hearthrob 'Incensed'

(Thanks to John Finn)


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Like him or not, he's only 18 years old. I hope his lawyers take the makers of this doll to the cleaners.

No, no! Don't discourage them! I'd just managed to sell them on my idea for "Ted New-Gent!"

well i hope he's happier with his incense

So, he wants everybody to believe he's straight so he uses a word like "incensed?" A straight guy would have been pissed.

Incensed? Don't they mean "indecent" (old joke) ?

Does it come with its own air pump?

I only clicked on the comments to see if Theresa had weighed in.

Good advice: don't buy "factory seconds" at the condom plant.

The " Interns of the Clinton Years " commemorative series is still in development.

*snork* @ Layzeeboy

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