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November 09, 2012


Bar serves cocktail with real human toe

(Thanks to DaninTustn)


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The place next door serves a latte' with a pack of wolves in it. Their jingle:

You can drink it down, but no matter what,
The wolves are gonna bite your butt.

Ewwwwww, what else does the toe come with? Blood, toe jam, nail fungus?

I'll have mine with roast beef

The Sourdough Saloon is a tourist trap. The locals go to The Pit at the Westminster Hotel; it's a much better bar. I've been to Dawson multiple times and never had any desire for either a sour toe or an iceworm cocktail. If you want to try a genuine Yukon drink, mix hot tea, Tang, and Yukon Hooch rum -- it warms you up fast on a cold morning.

Required training for the Olympic Cookie Toss event.
Strengthen those abdominals.

Looks more like a prune, which is equally as nasty.

Served with ladyfingers?

Lots of foods are served with toe... Burrito, potato, tomato...

Toetally gross!

Well, that's no worse than drinking champagne out of a woman's slipper. Well, SOME women.

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