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November 07, 2012


Driving around with a deer head on your vehicle? Not without a permit, please

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Wow who knew?

Say where do you get those permits anyway?

What's the fine if you have road kill on your tires?
Sorry: tyres?
What's the fine for foreign spelling?

Those people north of the ice wall aren't going to like this.

Deerly beloved....

Years ago when I was teaching environmental education I had to get a NH Fish & Game Dept. permit for the "practice of mammalogy" just to pick up roadkill, and report what was done with it. Even with the permit, the idea of displaying animal parts on a car never occurred to me; I'm evidently not redneck enough.

'...he just came across pretty fresh road kill...'

he just couldn't pass the buck

Snork at ligirl.

Ralph, you had to get a permit to practice mammography? You weren't that guy going door to door in Florida giving free breast exams, were you (NTTAWWT)?

*Jots down note to self: free...breast...exams...door to door....hmmmm...*


Heh heh...just a joke....I wouldn't....


Scientists have proven that strapping a buck to the roof improves your mileage by 900%. Something to do with aerodeernamics. Look it up.


Isn't there a somewhat ethnically insensitive phrase, "a big strapping buck?" Maybe he'd overheard someone say it, perhaps at a Ted Nugent concert, and misunderstood the context.

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