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November 01, 2012


Calif. DMV renews blind man's license

(Thanks to Ralph and The Perts)


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Several years ago I took a friend to the DMV to get an I.D. card. He had Macular degeneration and was legally blind. We were walking back to the car after he got his card and there were three highway patrolmen coming towards us. My "friend" also used a white cane. When the patrolmen got close to us he said, "I can't believe they gave me my license. I guess it's because you let me drive over here". Of course I got interrogated by the patrolmen.

And when he does visit Florida, there'll be time for a nice game of blindman-in-the-buff.

That's funny, n'cin' ... eerie ... and a bit macabre ... but amusin' ... in a twisted sorta way ...

Heh....A real life Monty Python sketch NC.

Good one cindy - so you're an enabler. Of course in Florida this isn't even an issue. A friend of my late father in law had a woman back out right into the side of his car. He asked her "didn't you see me there?"

Her answer was that she was legally blind. Apparently this did not keep her from driving...

This is why blind people need seeing eye dogs who drive.

My mother, a Kentucky resident, became legally blind about 30 years ago.
It did not stop her from renewing her license. But she didn't renew.
She said she just couldn't see driving in her condition.
She loved horrible jokes.

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