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November 10, 2012


Man has sex with statue

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Wouldn't that be rather painful? I mean, how drunk was the guy?

'The student told a court he was drunk and had never been in trouble with the police before.... - then was quoted as saying:

'Who you gonna believe, me or those lion eyes..?'

"How much does it cost to have sex with that bronze lion?"

"£20, just like in town."

Looks like a case of statuary rape.

Walt Disney does NOT present "The Lion BonKing".

Maybe next time he should go to a cathouse


Hmm. The "Sex with a statue" part reminds me of my third wife, except I am sure the statue was more receptive and better at it.....

Penalty flat at Ernie G. Horribly funy.

Thats flag actually. I've had a couple.

I, uh....



I tried that once. But the statue of limitations had run out on the charge.


The statue kept staring at him.

You can't hide your lion eyes..

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