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November 23, 2012


Stay classy, shoppers.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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I take back all that stuff I said about people waiting in lines for iPhones.

Obviously someone will have to die before they put a stop to this madness.

Was there something odd going on? Looked normal to me.

Madness it is. These shoppers need to take things a little slower. Chill out. No need for a panic attack about their bill and coupons. They get all this stuff for free (yesterday)where I work and and then panic until the bill is down to $1

With luck that Walmart is in one of the states that wants to secede. Maybe all those people and the Chuck E Cheeze patrons can all get together and buy their own island?

That smarts. It's why they're called smart phones.

If it'd been Twinkies it would've been perfectly understandable. Also. Get a life.

What's not for the world to love about us? Although this is exactly what the floors of the stock exchange and the commodities markets look like on a busy day.

ubetcha, someone did die on Long Island a few years ago on Black Friday and it didn't stop it. Do these morons not get it that you can get the same phone for the same price online or just wait until Monday and get it at the store?

I think more than one person has died, actually. One was a shopper, and the other one was a Walmart employee who was trampled by the crowd when the doors open. No one gives a $$%^@3.

In the third world, starving people fight over food. In America, people fight over TVs and Smart phones. Helloooo.

It's a mindset that is tough to stop, but I'm pretty sure that someone can figure out something. Scattering the items through the store and having the choke point door kept these yahoos from killing anyone by trampling. Lines aren't in these folks' vocabularies.

... or take a Darwinist approach and just stay home on these crazy days. In fifty or so generations, the gene that makes some people respond to stupid marketing ploys will be selected against, and ... what? It doesn't work that way? Or hasn't so far? Damn.

jeff is correct -

sadly, he was a Walmartyr

Who says America's competitive spirit has died?
But those people were amateurs.
There are places on the human body where a light, unobtrusive touch will discourage the opposition long enough for you to make your move.
See you at the Mall!

*Snork* @ ligirl. Or a Kmartyr. That's a word that gets used again. Thanks.

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