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November 16, 2012


Security asks shoppers waiting outside El Cajon Best Buy to leave

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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Let's see, throw away two weeks of my life to save a couple hundred bucks on a flatscreen. I'm thinkin no.

Back when Wii was the must have item, I went by BB on Black Friday and saw the line that went down the sidewalk and around the store. I thought I was hosed. I went around the corner and discovered that the local Meijer store had waiting indoors. Instead of waiting in 0 degree wind chill, I was using my coat as a cushion while I waited.

*snork* @ comments - 'mindless pieces of meat' wbagnfarb!

This might seem crazy, but if they are missing a week of work, won't the loss of income outweigh the savings? And if they have no job, why are they lining up to buy expensive electronics?

Obviously this year's big sale items are baggy sweatpants and deep fat fryers.

Sanity imposed on the unwilling is unAmerican.

FatDumbasses. It's more sport (and not the exercise kind) for these fools. Black Friday is something I will religiously avoid just for plain ol' humbuggery.

I am not sure how much I would have to be paid to set foot in a store on Black Friday. Possibly if I was offered a two-week trip to the South Pacific, a new Mercedes, and a pony, I might consider it.

I wonder, if I went out now and got in line, how much could I sell my spot for on Thursday night?

Just imagine the scintillating conversations, the lasting new friendships, ...

Omni--kind of like here in the blog?

Yeah, exactly ... except more high-brow.

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