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November 02, 2012


Sweden pays jobless youth to move to Norway

(Thanks to Bill Moore, who asks, "Could we try this with the Kardashians?")


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or they could send them to Finland


Finnishing school.

ha. but maybe we could send them all to france.

Sure, ligirl ... merely dump the problem in sumbuddy's Lapp ...

Meanwhile, Florida is considering a program in which it will pay naked, drunken people to move to Texas. Texas says it will then pay them a larger sum to move on to Arizona. There, the unfortunate individuals' lack of identification (where would they keep it, after all?) will expose them (further) to arrest, and the resulting overcrowding in the prison system will bankrupt the state, finally allowing the US to sell it back to Mexico at a discount.

Problem solved. What? Off-topic? What was the topic? Sweden and Norway? Oh, well. Near enough for jazz.

That is for sure. Education doesn't guarantee a job. In fact it hasn't up to now done anything for myself or my son. It's just a big expense. You get an education and go unappreciated

Norway's paying all its drunks to move to Sweden.

guess they just can't afjord it

Don't start if you can't Finnish.

BTW, one of our sons lives in Sweden where, it seems, the government pays the populace to do a lot of things that are not work. That's not the attraction for him, though-- it's our Swedish daughter-in-law, who looks just like you might imagine.

* Snork ligirl *

* post photos, Mazar Larry *

Finally a use for Canada.

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