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November 12, 2012


A new study finds that people who live close to a bar tend to drink more.

(Thanks to coscolo)


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Is it just that the blog is getting more submissions from Northern Europe, or are things actually getting wackier up that-a-way?

In other news, a man on Flathead Fiord called in to discuss reindeer running loose and chasing his wolf.

An interesting chicken and egg question. Do people drink more because they live near bars, or do people who drink heavily stagger out of bars and wander around for a short distance before saying "this is as far as I'm gonna make it, this is home"?

No Schlitz! Really?

Unless the serve Korean feces wine.


In my neck of the woods (NEPA) you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a bar. Guess that explains a lot.

I have a strange feeling that the scientists gathered enough data to conclude this insight after the first month but continued because, well, the answer is as clear as their urine sample.

My first apartment had the one quality I was looking for, it was within staggering distance from a popular party district in town. In other news, water, when in the liquid form, is wet.

Go to bar.
Get drunk.
Walk home and sober up from the walk.
Remember why you wanted to go to the bar.
Go to bar.
Repeat as needed.

Isn't it true that people who live near bars are less likely to be abducted by UFOs ? Now that would be a study !

If you live near Congress, do you tend to get fat, arrogant and wealthy ?

I just noticed Layzeeboy's legal note. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a bar? That's a weird law.

Yeah, Omni, those damn liberals.

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