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November 20, 2012


Study says women can get deals by flirting

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Show us your deals.

Stop worrying about what people think. Most of them don't.

Amazing stuff. Learn something everyday. Can't wait for followup study showing scantily dressed women hanging from a pole get lots of money thrown at them.

Our most successful car deal was made by accident. I had to work, so my wife went in to do the dealing. She was not comfortable with it, so called me at each decision making stage.
Since I was divorced from any influence from the dealer, I made each decision on its merits. Including telling her to get up, take the kids, and come home.
She did. In her new car.

I believe it. I bought my son a new computer the other day because his old one caught on fire. I don't want to know how that happened either. The computer we originally went to buy was no on longer available so I did a little arguing and some flirting. I got him a brand new Sony Vaio for $248.00. It was originally $650.00. I was pretty happy.

Yes, they can get better deals, but can attractive women get out of speeding tickets? Of course not! I mean, they can't, can they?

nc, come to FL. I so need a new computer and have never flirted in my life. I think it should have been taught instead of home ec back in my day.

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