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November 16, 2012


Public masturbator to cops: Wait ’til I’m finished

(Thanks to Craig Roberts, Jay Brandes and B'game)


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We don't pay cops nearly enough.

oh, he's come this far with his hobby..

sure hope he got his comeuppance

oh, and his parents must be so proud....

I would have posted a comment earlier but I wasn't finished


Flagellation or flogging is the act of methodically beating or whipping (Latin flagellum, "whip") the human body.

Can I get a chorus of "Whip It"?

They're called "beat cops" for a reason....

"...in the throes of self-flagellation,"
Why, that's almost poetic.
And, ug.

This is what tasers were invented for.

Note: he was a "repeat public masturbator".

Which I suppose means he has an ellipsis in his hand.

I gotta get some new reading glasses. Read the last line as, "scheduled for an initial ball hearing". That's the second one today. Aye, there's the rub.

It's a misdewiener.

He was busted by the head staff sergeant named Rod. Unlike his unit, he could not beat the rap.

Masticating should not be considered a punishable offense. Unless he was chewing with open mouth.

Entrapment! The cops saw him loitering and shouted, "Beat it!"

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