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November 26, 2012


Look no further.


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I have to choose between the stripper pole and running boards for the truck. Tough call.

Dave, I must say you've outdone yourself this year and I'd say that even if you didn't use one of my items on the list (though that definitely helped).

Emergency Underpants is opening for the Stones as we speak. Or do I mean The Stones are using emergency underpants? It's so hard to remember,

Is that cousin Judi in that photo with the squirrel and chicken heads?

I see you hit the cat unicorn horn and the emergency underpants, but you missed the inflatable toupee, the standout must-have item in the latest Archie McPhee catalog.

I always look forward to your Holiday Gift Guide. In reference to your article isn't that the truth.(funny)

I so want the NFL toaster, especially since the west coast teams are pretty much all toast anyway.

Go, Giants!

Yes, that is the SB in the chicken and squirrel photo!

*^ 5's PirateBoy*

It's a little late for this isn't it?
I was dashing through the falling leaves to do my shopping

I want the stripper pole. If I got pulled over for speeding I could ask the officer if he minded me doing a little dance while he wrote out my ticket. This could be a real money saver.

Have you noticed a problem with opening the tattooed toilet seat instead of doing your business on Barry M's face?

oneblankspace - a bm for bm's face?

well, I think the seat should be appropriately musical:

'I've been Up, Down, tryin' to get you squealing again
All around, tryin' to get you feeling again
The one that made you shiver
Made your knees start to quiver
Every time you walked in...

Looks like you made it!
Left another, on the way to another poop
Looks like you made it!
....Or I thought so till today
'til you blew another pair of underwear
With all of your waste - oh well, I thought you made it....
Poop's so strange, playin' hide and seek with farts and always hurtin'....'

Or she, cindy? NTTAWWT of course.

nursecindy also wants to know if the dog blanket thingy comes in various sizes for her various sized dogs.

The grabbing hand comment about Donald Trump finally crystallized something that has bothered me about the Donald.
I finally realized that, in every picture of him, he looks like he's trying to drop a nuclear weapon into a toilet.

So true Jeff. Also does it come in cat sizes?

Someday, not too soon I hope, I want NC on the stripper pole in my funeral procession.

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