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November 07, 2012


Amid Sandy’s Devastation, ‘Jersey Shore’ House Looks OK

(Thanks to Chris Elzi)


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*SPECIAL WEATHER ALERT* (if dave will allow me...)
to all northeast bloggers in the NEXT storm path -

Oh, I see her pace everywhere I go
Oh, no: sleet??! the weatherman is in the know,
we'll Have 'Athena'!
Tell me, have you seen her?
Oh, I hear her voice as the cold winds blow
In the news & weather on my radio
Have you seen her?
Tell me, where's Athena ??
Why, oh, why
Couldn't she just leave and go away (oh, yeah)
Oh-oh-oh, I've been used to havin' my TV turned on
What will it cost??I?
If power's re-lost ???! (Oh)
Oh, that Sandy b!tch stuck around awhile
And she left that break across my isle
Now Athena??!?
Tell me, have you seen her?
Oh, her northeast band's reaching out to me
OMG - I'm down to my last battery!!!
D@mn, ATHENA!!
Tell me, have you seen her?

Well I'll certainly sleep better tonight.

I really expected to see their names associated with some sort of fundraising effort for the place that is their claim to fame. Silly me for being optimistic.

See the author's bio? She blogs on real estate and money-saving household tips. Sooo sleepy. Eyes sooo heavy. Can't ... stay ... awake ...

It ate my comment. Damn you PypeTad!

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