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October 25, 2012


Not this blog.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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She sounds like she enjoyed life.
I heard a preacher once give a sermon where he said, "There is no sex in Heaven."
I kind of wondered which team he was rooting for.

That article may well contain the cheesiest set of sexual puns so far this year.

A Serbian guy named Milan
Had his wife's lady bits carved upon
The stone on her grave.
Of her parts, 'twas his fave.
When it came, it was great. Now it's gone.

*snork* @ Ford

P.S. For some reason, the following tune spontaneously erupted in my brain when I read this. Don't thank me, folks:

"If you leave me now, you'll take away the biggest part of me..."

now if you were this woman's brother, would you kick this guy's ass or what?

The guy's wife wuz (apparently) in her 70s, and she wuz "late"? ... um ... Wowser ... better call Guinness ... or call FOR a Guinness ...

It's already in his will, his stone will be an obelisk.

Also, there is something very wrong about the phrase, "pound her vagina into stone".

Which reminds me, haven't played my Dr. Hook stuff in a while.

I hope they had the decency not to sing " Make Me A Channel Of Your Piece " at the graveside ceremony.

A wombstone?


snif...so romantic...

Gives "getting one's rocks off" a whole new meaning . . .

Milan couldn't face being alone.
With wife gone and no one to bone.
He so missed her snatch
on her tomb would he scratch
And her p*ssy was carved into stone.

The poem above is funny. Too terrible.

For an extra 500 bucks, the engraver offered to make it scratch-n-sniff.

"Hi Mom, You can understand why I only visit your grave at night, and cover it with this moo-moo before we talk..."

*snorks* @ all you cunning linguists!

The Vagina Monolith.

Good one, MTB!

Could open a whole new genre: twart.

Rest in piece.

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