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October 22, 2012


Police blame bad driving habits for collisions

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Gee, ya think?

Every time I get on the highway I'm watching these morons tailgating at 60+ and I just make sure to stay a long ways away.

NO! Really? Bad driving habits cause collisons? Say it ain't so.

I blame autocorrect.

In other news, the pope is Catholic.

I have a friend who is a police officer. He was on-duty, going about 70 mph on the local freeway, when he noticed a car coming up rapidly behind him. He increased his speed, and the driver tailgating him sped up as well. Soon they both were doing more than 85. The cop turned on his lights, the car behind him passed him, and he pulled the driver over.

When he walked up to her car, the driver told him "How did you know fast I was going, since I was behind you?"

And these people actually breed?

Where is the speed limit 70 mph in yer neighborhood, P'B' ... ? I don't recall much of that when I wuz there ... unless I've fergot where y'all reside ... but, NBD ... merely wonderin' if the LEO wuz exceedin' the posted limit his ownself, while on duty ... which would, p'haps, raise an entirely different set of questions ... merely curious ...

I hate to admit this but, I'm a speeder too. My classic Mercury has a V8 engine and can fly. Fortunately I know most of the police officers here and they're pretty good about looking the other way.

I blame vehicles. I've never, ever known someone to get into a collision where zero or fewer cars were involved.

To add to Steve's observation, gravity has been implicated in %100 of airplane crashes. Belive it or not.

Gravity makes all the important decisions.

-- John R. Powers

Shockingly, 100% of all airline crashes happen on the ground.

But I have to say, the big game started here at 3:00 this Saturday, and by 3:45, people a mile from the damn stadium were colliding, stumbling, falling down, and retching, with nary a vehicle involved. I watched one undergrad fall off the sidewalk, down a three-foot embankment onto a golf course, and have to be rescued by his date.

In other news, water is wet. Shocking, isn't it?

And nc: Depends on the Pope. The patriarchs of the Coptic and Greek Orthodox churches are Popes, too, and they're not Catholic.

Recently read on-line (surely a fact) that 75% of car/big rig accidents are caused by the car.

Well, O the Umanity, I was told once in court trying to fight a speeding ticket, that an officer's car is " tool of his trade" and that he may use it as he sees fit to do his job. See an earlier comment of mine about 700 cops in a 7 cop town....

I don't know where you're from Omni, but it sunds like LSU!

I'm in the home of one of Michigan's big Universities, and originally from the home of the other one. Somehow, I can't seem to get out of the state, out of college towns, and off to someplace where you can get decent seafood.

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