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October 25, 2012


Justin Bieber sued by man who claims he stole his credit card to pay for penis enlargement

Also Very Believable: The unnamed Michigan resident also alleges that Usher sodomised him with a firework whilst he played music by Katy Perry

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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And the so called United Nations does nothing!

I would be worried about any surgery on my body that costs less than $500

Er, I'll not have what he's having.

He sounds like his social calender is rather full.
There must be times when a Judge has to keep a straight face and strains some sort of stationary muscle.

Please tell me that he filed this suit pro se, and that no lawyer actually agreed to draw up the papers for him.

I've heard Katy Perry, this is a logical reaction to her music.

Anybody who uses the word "whilst" should be shot. Same goes for the metric "-ise" spelling for "-ize" words.

That is all.

This guy is a senator from what state?

Justin Bieber hasn't reached puberty yet.

It's been my experience, H'S'I ... that whilst one is on the 'net, and the venue is one used primarily for amusementisationariness, the folks will tend to grammarise in rather unconventional ways, and call upon the Second Amendment should the need arize ... merely sayin' ...

just Bieber is male? who knew?

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