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October 18, 2012


Fred Clark, 76, has taken to photographing his wife Valerie, throughout the decades, fully clothed but immersed in water.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who says "Time to guess the state.")


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True love? Or just mental illness? You be the judge.

I've been in hot water myself a few times over the years, but never like this!

I live in Clearwater and luckily they're not my neighbors. That's just a little too weird. Of course, there's a lot weirder stuff going on around here, but just sayin'.

Didn't Robert Wagner... William Shatner also do this??


never mind

There is absolutely something in the water around there, and it's not just the wife.

"I throw her in, but she keeps floating to the top."

And she goes to the office in a bathing suit.

Ahab has a nightmare.

Can you still get a car with a vinyl interior?

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