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October 04, 2012


A SPIRITS firm hopes to rack up huge sales with a line of booze they claim has been poured over a naked model’s breasts before bottling.

(Thanks to bonmot, who says "Make mine a double." Also The Perts.)


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The limited edition bottles - which cost up to £110 a pop - each come with a certificate of authentication.

"Yes Dave, our target demographic are morons with two much money and little dicks. You know, the kind of guy who thinks the strippers love him."

Cocktails for two.

Innuendo rich environment.

Weird. Just weird.

In six months, I'm betting this company goes bust, or Tango Uniform, for those who were in the military.

Deutschland über Alice.

Why can't we get commercials like that here?

What they aren't telling you is, the "model" they use in the actual bottling plant is Helen Thomas.

for yoohoo they pour it over her hoohoo.

that's what gives yoohoo that fruity taste

do they also sell-you-lite beer?

No, everyone knows the Yoo-Hoo poster boy: Yogi.

These are the guys who sniff the seat where a beautiful woman sat.
News, guys: if you can smell anything, she wasn't that beautiful.

Sierra Romeo Sierra. Or Quebec Sierra Sierra, if you prefer.

"rack" up?

That's nothing. Guess what we dip in the mason jar full of moonshine before we put the lid on?

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