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October 24, 2012


Study Questions Existence Of PMS

(Thanks to Dan Barr)


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I hope no one reads this at the wrong time of the month.

Shoddy research. Ya see, if PMS precedes the menstrual cycle, then how can the menstrual cycle cause that which precedes it? The obvious conclusion: bad moods cause menstruation. QED.

*hides behind couch*

Brave researchers? Heck, the media outlet that ran this "news" item is even braver ... especially when sum of the readers might be ... um ... as m'larry said, above ...

Why do they call it PMS?
Because Mad Cow Disease was already taken

I KNEW it was all a conspiracy!

Actually, my real guess is that it is not hormones, but rather peeling off a bunch of blood vessels and tissues HURTS. I am in a worse mood during severe migraines and hand flareups. It would only be magnified if the pain were down there.

I notice Cindy is notably quiet. It's probably because scientists figured out her game.

This headline should have had the subheading of "All researchers still single".

I ... have no knowledge of any such study, General ... nor would I be disposed to discuss ... such a study if it in fact existed.

honestly (really) i have never noticed anything connected to a particular time of the month. i'm just always a b... umm, beloved and kind soul in whose mouth butter would not melt.

"PMS does not exist." *BAM!*
"PMS DOES exist!" *BAM BAM!*
"OK, it either exists or it doesn't, whatever you want! Please tell me what you want!"

I did not, and would not, ever, make any comment of any kind on this subject.

I have always believed it was a myth. Like Judi has already pointed out, I too am always sweet and even tempered. If you don't agree I'll be happy to discuss it with you further. Just as soon as I finish cleaning my gun.

No firearms in the house. That's okay, I have plenty of kitchen knives. What was that those researchers were saying, again?

"Researchers working under the direction of Dr. Sarah Romans...."

And stay off their lawns.

Hang on a sec, I'm reloading...

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