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October 07, 2012


Woman denies ownership of marijuana in genitals

(Thanks to Peter)


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hoochie coochie?

She was using the old Cheech and Chong defense.

And we didn't even have to guess the state.

"But it can't be mine, I'm a medical student" reminds me of this movie.

I mean, what does one thing have to do with the other?

My personal belief is that if everyone involved in the arrest and prosecution of young people like this had to swear honestly that they had never experimented, it would be American Hypocrisy at its finest.
(All my kids had to do was ask me what pot smelled like).

Aren't medical students more like 20-21 years old? Maybe Vida is just extra smart?

I'm guessing you are going to have a hard time finding anyone to claim ownership after it's been in her private parts.

Duuude, this grass smells fishy. Monicajauna.

"First, it wasn't my drugs. Second, I have no idea how it got in there. And third, I was just holding it for a friend. What? I said I was pre-med, not pre-law."

Darn! My boyfriend said he was demonstrating artificial respiration.

pubie doobie?

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