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October 08, 2012


We are recommending that men not click on the Sports Update.

Key Quote Indicating Why Men Should Not Click: "Tony Smith (Warrington coach) did say in his pre-match team talk last night 'your balls are on the line here guys!' I didn't think he meant literally." 

(Thanks to Joel Farr)


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"The prop sustained the injury one minute into the second half, but managed to play the rest of the match before seeking treatment."

Is this a manly man, or what? Wait, maybe neanderthal man? I don't believe I know a man who would have been able to get up, never mind play the rest of the match.

Was it his left nut, or his right?

Now I have a response to all those Brits who jeer at all the padding in American Football, a cup could have prevented this tragedy.

Could've been werse ... really ...

I've had many men come into the E.R. after minor injuries to that particular area. Most of them were in the fetal position and crying like babies. I'd hate to see how they would act with an injury like this. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have continued playing.

He lost his ball? I hope they find it...

...That's a Rupture!

Balls to that! Well, *ball*, anyway......


I was afraid to read the actual article.
Can I assume that one of the players took his ball, singular, and went home?

Wood played on despite rupturing a testicle

I don't believe there'd be much wood going on for quite some time after this.

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