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October 04, 2012


Thousands of rare baby spiders have been released on the Norfolk Broads in a bid to rescue ailing populations.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Just how does someone grow up to be a "spider champion?" I blame the parents.

If they need more they're welcome to get them from my crawl space.

I wonder if any broads from Norfolk read the blog?

Is that the ailing population of the broads or the spiders?

I think Jan is best qualified to explain Norfolk, etc. I'll stick to Michigan topics.

It should be noted that these spiders are: a) 'giant', and b) eat fish!

We have a very similar species in the Americas. They're harmless to people, but great for freaking out lake visitors in NH.

Wusses. I picked up a Dolomedes, that had somehow been trapped in a meeting room, so I could get it out to safety.
It hung on to the back of my hand, which it covered pretty much completely.
Dave should use this method when thronged by fans. I know it happens all the time.
It will clear your path in seconds.

I saw the Norfolk Broads open for the Bay City Rollers.

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