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October 04, 2012


News Science Dinosaurs 'Fanged vampire parrot' identified as new species of dinosaur

(Thanks to Eric Hubbard, Bill Moore and The Perts)


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He's not extinct, he's pining for the Pleistocene.

Dave, you are the best headline writer ever!

He's bleeding demised.

"'It would be a nice pet,' Sereno said, 'if you could train it not to nip you.'"

Vampire Parrot WBAGN.....etc.

that's not extinct, that's my mother in law.

Death notice:
"Dr. X, a notable palaeontologist, died today.
As per his wishes, he will be buried in a thick layer of fine silt in the hope that he will one day be discovered and placed on prominent display in the National Museum of Science."

Deranged Buffet fan?

Buffet fan? Warren or Old Country?

I got all this from my anthropologist/wife a few days ago, but without the cool picture.

Polly want a cracker, Now!

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